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* This listing should not be considered an endorsement or recommendation either by the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix or its Board of Directors. It is merely a collection of individuals/entities/resources that have been deemed helpful or recommended by consumers. Please notify Sonya if any information needs to be updated.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

Do the employers that you work with know that they may qualify for a benefit of $2400-$9600 per eligible employee if they qualify and hire certain people with disabilities and or veterans?  Take a look at the short videos below and read the brochures to help you share the information with them.  This could help them make a great hire and get paid for putting your job seeker to work!

Agencies and Organizations that assist with Employment

Organization for Autism Research – Hire Autism
Services: Job search assistance, career assessments, Autism friendly jobs board, resource center, and companies looking to hire
Phone: 703.243.9727
Services: Our resource is focused on helping people with disabilities create a strong resume that would help increase their chances of getting hired. Important information such as laws that protect their rights and dealing with workplace discrimination and harassment are also included to help them prepare for employment.
Phone: 1.800.301.9082