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Advocacy, Financial & Legal

* This listing should not be considered an endorsement or recommendation either by the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix or its Board of Directors. It is merely a collection of individuals/entities/resources that have been deemed helpful or recommended by consumers. Please notify us if any information needs to be updated.


Disability Rights Arizona
Formerly the Arizona Center for Disability Law. Disability Rights Arizona is a not for profit public interest law firm, dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals with physical, mental, psychiatric, sensory and cognitive disabilities.
Locations: Tucson, Phoenix, and Flagstaff
Phoenix & Flagstaff Phone: (602) 274-6287  
Tucson Phone:  (520) 327-9547

John H. Barron, IIIDeConcini McDonald Yetwin & Lacy, P.C.
Barron & Associates PCOf CounselServices: Matters involving Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Guardianship and Conservatorship, Trusts and Decedent’s Estate Litigation, Cases involving Elder Abuse; Exploitation of Vulnerable Adults; Mental Health Law and advocacy of the Seriously Mentally Ill (SMI); Litigation for, and Advocacy, of the Developmentally Disabled
Phone: (602) 252-8100 
Address: 7310 North 16th Street, Suite 205, Phoenix, Arizona 85020Website: &

Bivens & Associates, P.L.L.C.
Services: Guardianship, conservatorship, advanced estate planning, probate and trust administration, elder law, special needs
Locations: Scottsdale and Mesa
Phone: (480) 922-1010

Kile Law Firm, P.C.
Services: Estate planning, special needs planning, probate, trust administration, guardianship, conservatorship, elder law, ALTCS
Phone: (480) 348-1590
Address: 8727 East Via de Commercio  Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Kirsch-Goodwin & Kirsch, PLLC
Services: Arizona Education Lawyers: provide legal advice and strategy for you to advocate on your own, or can provide legal representation of both you and your child. They can assist you as much or as little as you want or need. 
Phone: (480) 585-0600
Address: 8900 E Pinnacle Peak Rd., Suite 250  Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Amy Langerman, P.C.
Services: Licensed Special Education Attorney in the State of Arizona and a special education consultant in San Diego County, California. She is also a parent of a child with special needs.

Law Office of Susan Marks 
Services: An Arizona-based law office focusing on special education and disability-related matters. Services are available to parents, individuals, and advocates seeking assistance with a special education or disability related matter, such as IEP questions involving behavior supports and least restrictive environment, or disability discrimination, such as failure to provide legally-required accommodations. Services also include assistance with DDD and ALTCS eligibility and appeals.
Phone: (480) 459-2403
Address: 3260 N. Hayden Road, Suite 210, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Maricopa County Public Defenders Office
Services: The Public Defender’s Office is assigned by the Court to represent indigent individuals in Adult Criminal Cases (which includes juveniles transferred to adult court), mental health commitment matters, related Appeals and Post Conviction Relief matters.
Phone: (602) 506-7711
Contact Fredrica Strumpf, Fredrica.Strumpf@Maricopa.Gov

Mazza + Niro 
Services: Estate planning, guardianship, conservatorship, probate and trust administration and probate litigation. 
Locations in: Scottsdale and Peoria
Phone:  (602) 536-7609

Meridian Special Needs Planning
Services:  Special needs planning and trusts, Guardianship filing, government benefit eligibility, estate planning, retirement planning, insurance and more.
Location: 3420 E Shea Blvd, Suite 200, Phoenix, AZ 85028
Phone: (480) 561-3904

Nicole Panzella
Nicole Panzella is certified as a Legal Document Preparer. She specializes in Estate Planning, Probate, Real Estate and Guardianship. 
Phone: (480) 307-9306

State Bar of Arizona
Services: The State Bar of Arizona exists to serve and protect the public with respect to the provision of legal services and access to justice.  Consistent with these goals, the State Bar of Arizona seeks to improve the administration of justice and the competency, ethics, and professionalism of lawyers practicing in Arizona. Assists in finding an attorney in your budget, area, and skill in the type of help you need
Phone: (602) 252-4804
Address: 4201 N. 24th Street Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85016-6266

Emily R. Taylor, Attorney, PLLC
Services: Special Needs Planning, Guardianship, Long Term Care/Medicaid/ALTCS Planning, Benefits Planning, and Estate Planning
Phone: (480) 699-3145
Address: 1747 East Morten Avenue, Suite #105, Phoenix, AZ 85020


Theut, Scaringelli & Kupiszewski, PLC
Services: Guardianship & Conservatorship
Phone: (602) 830-0300
Address: 14001 N. 7th Street Suite B-104, Phoenix, AZ 85022

Experts to Testify in Court

There are limited number of experts who are willing to testify.

4647 N 32nd St Ste 260
Phoenix AZ 85018-3344
602-224-9888 vox
602-224-5304 fax

Non-Attorney Advocates

Courtney Burnett, SLPA + IEP Coach
Services: IEP coaching and review, 504 plans, Communication club, parent support groups
Phone: (623) 745-0330

Parent Support Arizona: David Jefferson
Services: Direct advocacy services to families with special needs children in most major public systems.  This includes the public education system; foster care system; State developmental disability system, “DDD”, and the behavioral health system. 
Phone:  (480) 382-4020
Address: 625 W. Southern Avenue, Suite E – 173, Mesa, AZ 85210

Financial Planning

MassMutual Arizona SpecialCare
Services: Financial professionals with specialized training in helping people with special needs and their life care plan
Contact: Karen Starbowski
Phone: (480) 538-2950

What is an ABLE Account?

ABLE Accounts are tax-advantaged savings accounts for individuals with disabilities and their families. They are a place to accumulate or gift money to a person who was disabled prior to age 26 without negatively impacting SSI and ALTCS benefits. You are able to establish an ABLE Account in any state that offers it.

Learn more about ABLE Accounts here:

What is a Special Needs Trust?

A Special Needs Trust is a trust to hold assets for the benefit of a disabled person without negatively impacting SSI and ALTCS benefits. This can be part of an estate planning document or done separately. This type of trust can be useful in the event that someone intends to write you or your loved one into their will to receive funds.

Contact one of the attorneys above to learn more about Special Needs Trusts, including how to set one up!