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Birthday Club

The Autism Society of Greater Phoenix has heard time and time again from our community that birthdays can be difficult. Maybe a party is planned and little to no friends show up or their loved one isn’t excited to celebrate their birthday. Some of us aren’t fond of their birthday being acknowledged or dislike parties and that’s okay too! 

We often see requests for cards being made in online support groups and we want to make sure everyone feels loved and included. This was the inspiration behind the Birthday Club!

How does it work? It’s simple! Sign up yourself or a loved one to receive a card during your/their birth month. 

Requirements: Card recipients must have a diagnosis of Autism and must reside in Arizona. Our Birthday Club is open to Autistic individuals of any age!

Requests must be submitted on the 24th of the month prior to ensure delivery.

Does your company want to get involved by offering coupons for free goods or services? Contact us at

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