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Filing DDD Complaints

Is one of your providers committing fraud? Are you not getting help from your support coordinator? Problems with your provider? Not getting a service you are approved for? You have options.

Reporting Fraud

Phone: (602) 417 – 4193 or 888-ITS-NOT-OK

Reporting Quality of Care Complaints

If you have a complaint about a provider or a concern about the quality of care or services you have received, please send an e-mail with your name, AHCCCS identification number, date of birth, phone number, the name of the provider and a short description of the complaint or concern to:
Phone: 602-417-4885
Online form:

Office of Family and Community Resources – DDD Grievance/Complaint
Please note the Office of Family and Community Resources assist with grievances/complaints and does not assist with the appeal process.
Phone: 602-542-6863 (Front Desk) | 866-229-5553 (Hotline)

Office of Compliance and Review – DDD Appeal Process
Phone: 602-771-8163
Pamphlet: English | Spanish (PDF)

Filing a Grievance and Appeal

File a Grievance and Appeal with DDD
File a Grievance and Appeal with AHCCCS

Have issues with DDD or your support coordinator? 
According to the DDD – “You can contact the Division’s Customer Service Dept. so there is timely follow up and notification to the various areas of the Division who will need to address the concerns as it can cross over several deptartments.” The Division’s Customer Service Dept. tracks member situations received and ensures there is resolution. 
Phone: 1-844-770-9500

You can also submit your claim in writing to:
DES Division of Developmental Disabilities
Office of Individual and Family Affairs
1789 W. Jefferson Street
Mail Stop 2HB5
Phoenix, AZ 85007

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Waitlists and Quality of Care Complaints

Have you not been able to find a provider? Have you been put on a wait list through your provider agency? These are illegal! Watch the above video and file a quality of care complaint as soon as possible. Decision makers do not know there is a problem unless they hear from YOU.