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Job Services Available Through DDD

DDD has Employment and Pre Employment Services

Employment Support Aid: This service provides members with the one to one supports needed for the member to remain in  his/her employment. These supports could include one(1) or more of the following three(3)options: personal care services, behavioral supports, and/or follow along supports needed to maintain stable employment. The actual supports provided will be dependent upon member need; however, it is the Division’s expectation that this service will primarily be used to provide on-the-job follow-along supports for members in competitive employment. To read more click HERE.

Group Supported Employment: A service that provides long term, ongoing support services for an employed individual. This group service provides Division members with an on-site supervised work environment in a community employment setting. Members are paid by the Qualified Vendor or employer for work performed in accordance with State and Federal law. To read more click HERE.

Individual Supported Employment: A service that provides job development, assistance in matching the individual with an integrated competitive job and intensive time-limited supports to an employed individual once placed. This time-limited service provides regular contacts at a job site with the employed Division member and/or with the employer. This service is intended to help the member develop the specific on-the-job skills necessary for successful employment and may also include job search when such services are not available through the Rehabilitation Services Administration/Vocational Rehabilitation program. To read more information click HERE.

Transition to Employment: A service that provides training in the meaning, value and demands of work and in the development of positive attitudes toward work. Transition to Employment (“TTE”) is a service that provides a Division member with individualized instruction, training, and supports to promote skill development for integrated and competitive employment. To read more click HERE.