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DDD Redetermination Issues:

DDD Redetermination Issues:

Several families have contacted us at the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix because they have received termination notices from the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).  We reached out to DDD and have some information that we think may be useful to families:

First, if you have received a termination notice from DDD you have 35 days to appeal. If you do not appeal in 35 days DDD will notify ALTCS that your child is no longer eligible. If your appeal is denied, then you may request a hearing.

Second, if you would like to file a complaint about the process, or how your child was treated you can contact:

The Office of Family and Community Resources (DDD grievance/complaint contact information) and the Office of Compliance and Review (DDD appeal process contact information).

 Family and Community Resources
Front Desk: 602.542.6863

Office of Compliance and Review
Once DDD has notified ALTCS that your child is no longer eligible, it takes, on average, six months to one year to evaluate and process the paperwork.  Until ALTCS does this all services should remain in place. 

Eligibility and re-determination is legally required to be completed at age six and age eighteen. A child must have a diagnosis of autism at age six.  A diagnosis of at risk for autism is allowed under the age six but not after age six.   There are some specific requirements on the diagnosis of autism.  A simple diagnosis alone will not meet the requirements any longer. It would be wise to talk to your support coordinator to check and see if the diagnosis you submitted when you first applied meets their guidelines for age six re-determination. If not, then you would need to go get a new evaluation done with a diagnosis of autism using the DSM V, that also lists the severity.  If you would like to learn more about the policies regarding re-determination please download the following two documents:

Chapter 200

DD Policy


Arizona Center for the Law and Public Interest and Arizona Center for Disability Law have sent a demand Letter  to the Division of Developmental Disabilities notifying DDD that they believe the new policy is invalid and illegal.  To read the Demand Letter please click HERE.

DDD responded and here is their response letter HERE