Question of the Week

Got a question?  Are you confused about something? Autism Society of Greater Phoenix started a Question of the Week. We ask experts questions and videotape or publish their answers. Want to ask a question?  If so, email Cynthia at


What is good ABA?

Dr. Kieva Hranchuk answers the question what is good ABA. She is the clinical director of the Scottsdale Children’s Institute. Dr. Kieva moved to Scottsdale, AZ from New York, NY for the purpose of developing clinical, training, and research programs at SCI. Dr. Kieva recognized a need for this particular type of program in the valley and decided to dedicate her time and effort towards creating a program that would meet needs not currently being met for Arizona families.

BE SAFE Certification:


Get empowered!  This engaging full day interactive workshop empowers you to address safety needs of youth and adults with developmental disabilities.  Learn how to use the BE SAFE Movie and companion curriculum to teach essential safety skills for interacting with police in different encounters. This workshop also includes an Interactive Screening to see BE SAFE in action on the following day. This training is designed for educators, service providers, the police and others who wish to have direct training to use the BE SAFE materials. We would prefer professionals who work with teens or adults with developmental disabilities and our goal is to have people from all over the state.


Are wait lists illegal?  How do you get the services your child needs? What if you are not getting a good service from provider? Watch the video. Here are the steps I would take:

  1. Contact your support coordinator and let them know you do not nave a service or the service is substandard.
  2. Contact your provider if you are concerned about the service or feel it is substandard.  Let the provider know that you are not happy and give them a chance to resolve the issue.
  3. If the provider or support coordinator are unable to resolve your issue in a timely manner make sure to file a quality of care complaint and/or contact DDD Customer Service,
  4. AHCCCS: Concerns About the Quality of Care Received-If you have a complaint about a provider or a concern about the quality of care or services you have received, please send an e-mail with your name, AHCCCS identification number, date of birth, phone number, the name of the provider and a short description of the complaint or concern to
  5. or by calling 1-844-770-9500
  6. If you have questions contact Cynthia Macluskie at 480-940-1093.
  7. When do you need an advocate and when do you need an attorney?  Hope Kirsch of Kirsch-Goodwin and Kirsch explains this an more.
  8. SARRC tells us about their second Beneficial Beans Cafe!
  9. What is Into The Spectrum?
  10. Courtney Peters is a Licensed BCBA with over a decade of experience. Her passion for helping people blossomed the moment she started working one on one with people on the spectrum. She has helped countless people with Autism. Courtney is currently providing support as a Clinical Supervisor for a nonprofit organization where she trains families and therapists every day.
  11. Phil Schlemmer is a professional recording engineer with multiple family members on the spectrum. He has worked with many platinum recording artists such as: YES, Dionne Warwick, Ludacris, Kelly Rowland, and Ice T to name a few! He’s transferring his technical and creative knowledge to now help people with autism!
  12. Our Question of the Week is what is Sibshops and why is is helpful. Check out Sonia from AZA United as she explains the program. If you want to sign up for Sibshops please go to
  13. Emergency Preparedness:  Ray Morris answers the question on what and how we should approach emergency preparedness.  Ray is a fireman, a father of a special needs child and the founder of Dads 4 Special Kids.  Check out his website for more useful information at
  14. Question of the Week: What is Be Safe? Autism Society of Greater Phoenix does a free 90 minute presentation on Be Safe and would love to do one in your area. We are also bringing the Be Safe Train the Trainer Program to the valley in November of 2017. We want to thank Autism Speaks and Autism Society of America for their grants to make this possible. We are looking for community leaders from around the state to participate in our Be Safe Train the Trainer Program. You must work with children, teens or adults on the spectrum to participate in the training. Stay tuned for more details. Join our Newsletter for more information at and go to to learn more about Be Safe.
  15. Diedra Freeman discusses whether you can roll over hours from one week to another. A parent asked what happens when a provider cancels, you can not find a replacement and you want to use those hours in another week. Check out her detailed answer.
  16. What is the Autism Job Fair?
  17. What is guardianship and how do you obtain it?
  18. What is an ABLE Account and will it effect my child’s benefits?
  19. What do you do if your child is being accused of bullying?  We asked Lori Kirsch-Goodwin with Kirsch-Goodwin & Kirsch to answer.  Check it out!
  20. What do you do if you believe your child is being bullied? We asked Hope Kirsch with Kirsch-Goodwin & Kirsch to answer. Check it out!