Conference PowerPoints

Professional Track

The Child, the Family and the Doctor-  Dr. Melmed PowerPoint

The Latest and Greatest – Technological Advances in Neuromodulation for Improved Treatment Outcomes-Dr. Serin-PowerPoint will be provided the day of the talk.

Treatment Factors that Improve Outcomes in Autism Services- Dr. Dixon PowerPoint

Executive Functioning: Using ABA to Teach Social Cognition and Executive Function Skills to Children with Autism-Johan Gallo PowerPoint

Speech Track

Essential Role of Speech Language pathology in Autism-Block-and-Severson PowerPoint

What is Apraxia and How to Treat It-Anita-Werner PowerPoint

Purposeful Play: Facilitating Social Play for Children with Autism-Nicolette Piano Hand Out

Feeding Therapy: Children with Autism Fear New Foods and How Feeding Therapy Can Help-Winkelmann PwerPoint

Classroom Track 1

Accommodations: Part of a Successful Inclusion Plan-Ricki Light PowerPoint

“Why do they do that?” –Downie-and-Toraason PowerPoint

Executive Function and Theory of Mind- Practical Interventions for Individuals with Autism- Belokas-and-Daneshvar PowerPoint

Make Social Skills Stick:  Practical Tools And Strategies For Parents-Anita Werner PowerPoint

Classroom Track 2

Using Visual Support for Students with Developmental Disabilities-D. Watson PowerPoint

An Introduction to an Inclusive Preschool Model: The SARRC Community School-Mcintosh PowerPoint

Fun at the Farm- Cherise Basques, MS, OTR/L and Angela Troy, MS, OTR/L-Basques PowerPoint

Creating Meaningful Social Skills Interventions for Students with Autism in General Education Settings-Dicarlo PowerPoint

Goals Not Guilt- Shawn Davis-Davis Powerpoint

Dogs in The Classroom-Lorie Crabtree-Lori Crabtree PowerPoint

Saturday Presentations

Transition Track

Snapshots of Success- Panel Discussion-No PowerPoint

Post Secondary Option: College Bound-Panel discussion-No PowerPoint

Post Secondary Option: Vocational- Panel discussion-Vocational Panel PowerPoint

Tips for a Successful Transition-Betty Schoen, MA, ORC Region 1 Transition Specialist Rehabilitation Service Administration-Betty Schoen PowerPoint, career-exploration-with-info-interview-and-job-shadow-docs, what-are-the-required-pets

Adult System of Care (Social Security, Nutrition Assistance, AHCCCS, Medicare, Behavioral Health)-D Weidinger PowerPoint

Transition What’s healthcare Got To Do With it? Rita Aitken Education and Advocacy Manager, Office for Children with Special Heatlh Care Needs-No PowerPoint but will be given a kit at the presentation.

Independent Living Options- Panel discussion- No PowerPoint

Legal Track

Resolving Special Education Disputes:  Behind the Scenes with a School Attorney, Parent Attorneys and a Former State Complaint Investigator-PowerPoint

3 Hot Topics in Special Education-Bullying, Discipline and Placement vs Location- Kirsch-and-Kirsch-Goodwin PowerPoint

Guardianship, SSI and Special Needs Trust—Navigating the Courts, SSA and the Law-Kile-and-Kupiszewski PowerPoint

The IEP, the LRE, and Inclusion for Students with Autism- Marks PowerPoint

Medical Track

Testing For and Treating Medical Comorbidities in Autism-Rossignol PowerPoint

Ranking Treatments for AutismRossignol PowerPoint

Updates on the aetiology and treatment of autism-PowerPoint will be provided the day of the presentation

Service Dogs- No PowerPoint

Seeking Support For Children Who Experience Behavioral Difficulties-David-Jefferson PowerPoint

SIT, STAY, COME…and CHANGE MY LIFE FOR GOOD! How Well-Trained Dogs can Change the Lives of Kids and Teens with Autism-Sit Stay Come PowerPoint

Social Track

Expanding Social Skills through Inclusive Social OpportunityBrett-Moriah PowerPoint

Breaking the Behavior Code-Behavior-Code PowerPoint

Using Social Thinking to Build Social Skills-Social Thinking PowerPoint

Sorting Through Social Skills Groups-R. Light PowerPoint

Formulating and Implementing Social Groups-Social-Group PowerPoint