The Autism Society of Greater Phoenix is dedicated to providing information, tools and resources to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by Autism.

We Want to Help

At the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix, we know what it’s like raising a child with Autism or Asperger’s because every member of our Board of Directors is the parent of a child on the spectrum.  We offer many ways to support individuals through the life journey of Autism.

For speaking engagements, including presentations to schools, workshops,  businesses, or groups please contact our parent mentors.  Donations are appreciated.

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Parent Mentors Parents helping parents, each of our parent mentors has unique experiences and specializes in different areas.

Monthly Meetings All our welcome to attend our monthly support group meetings, Mom’s Meet Up and Autism 101 classes held around the valley.

Support Groups State and local support groups for all ages with a wide variety of resources, help, events, and meetings

Member Organizations Organizations that are members of the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix and support our mission to help individuals with Autism.

Agencies/Therapy Providers Browse through our extensive list of agencies providing services to children with Autism.

Education and Advocacy Learn all about the education services for children with Autism in Arizona.

Schools List of private and charter schools recommended by other parents for children with Autism.

Summer  List of summer activities and programs

State Services/Government Agencies Learn about what services are offered through state and federal agencies.

Insurance Learn everything you need to know about insurance and Autism.

Military Autism support and information for military families.

Medical Learn about the most common co-occurring conditions in Autism.

Biomedical Learn about diets, supplementation, and treatment options using biomedical ideology.

First Responders Resources available to first responders and what trainings can be provided to help educate those first on the scene.

Social Information on social groups, books, websites, etc. on helping give children with Autism the social help they need.

Marriage and Family Support Information and support for families to build relationships with those  that matter most.

Sibling Support Learn what resources are available for siblings of children with Autism.

Legal Resources and agencies that provide services for families with Autism.

Reporting Fraud and Quality of Care Complaints Information about how to report fraud and file Quality of Care Complaints.

DDD Redetermination Issues Information about the DDD redetermination process.

Disability Sports Discover all of the options for disability sports throughout the state.

Wandering and Safety Resources Learn about the safety and wandering tools available to keep your child safe.

Adult Services Learn about services and supports for adults on the Spectrum.

Autism Family Businesses Learn about and support businesses with a child affected by Autism.

Professionals Who Diagnose Children:  List of diagnosing professionals who have an expertise in autism and autism spectrum disorders.

Professionals Who Diagnose Adults:   List of diagnosing professionals who have an expertise in autism and adults.

Crisis Resources:  Resources for families or individuals in crisis.

Animal Therapies