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Kevin and Avonte’s Law recently passed in the Senate and is the first federal legislation with a focus specifically on prevention of wandering by children with ASD and other developmental disabilities.  This legislation is an important first step, but it is modest in scope and resources.  Even this modest, but important piece of legislation was delayed indefinitely in Congress just last week.  As such, it is more essential than ever to gather data evaluating prevention strategies and the impact that wandering behavior has on household stress and quality of life for individuals with ASD and their families. Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York is conducting a major national study about wandering, and we very much want you to participate. Wandering by children with ASD and other developmental disorders is a significant safety concern.  It is estimated that more than…
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Reporting Fraud and Quality of Care Complaints

Reporting Fraud and Quality of Care Complaints Is one of your providers committing fraud?  Are you not getting help from your support coordinator?  Problems with your provider?  Not getting a service you are approved for?  You have some options. Reporting Fraud – (From their website) Here is the link to our webpage on how to report Fraud.  It’s very easy to get to. We have a Fraud Prevention tab at the top of our home page and when you click on it Report Fraud pops right up. The phone number is easy to remember: 888-ITS-NOT-OK Reporting Quality of Care Complaints: AHCCCS Customer Service-If you would like to report a quality complaint or any other issue with respect to accessing services, you may call the AHCCCS Customer Service unit at: 602-364-4558 or 1-800-867-5808.  Below is the contact information for the…
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DDD Redetermination Issues:

DDD Redetermination Issues: Several families have contacted us at the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix because they have received termination notices from the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).  We reached out to DDD and have some information that we think may be useful to families: First, if you have received a termination notice from DDD you have 35 days to appeal. If you do not appeal in 35 days DDD will notify ALTCS that your child is no longer eligible. If your appeal is denied, then you may request a hearing. Second, if you would like to file a complaint about the process, or how your child was treated you can contact: The Office of Family and Community Resources (DDD grievance/complaint contact information) and the Office of Compliance and Review (DDD appeal process contact information).  Family and Community Resources Front…
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