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Relationship Development Intervention

Kimberly Isaac-Emery MS presented at the North Valley Autism Society Meeting in October.  It was a wonderful talk.  RDI has grown and changed so much and Kim did a great job of educating all of us in attendance.  She has graciously allowed us to post her talk so that those who were unable to attend could learn more.  Please download her talk and learn more about RDI. Parent Presentation Oct 2014

Autism: Children Suffering in Silence

Susan Sunseri and I worked incredibly hard on a documentary that would raise awareness about the co morbid conditions of autism.  We worked with students from ASU Walter Cronkrite School to create this documentary.  For years, Autism Society of Greater Phoenix has handed out medical CD’s with this documentary and a variety of PDF’s that would help families access excellent medical care.  We also handed out, thanks to Catina Hoffman, CD’s on insurance with PDF’s that would help parents usetheir private and state medical insurance plans effectively.  We have now made all of these documents available on our new website. You can access the documentary HERE. You can access the medical PDF’s HERE. You can access the insurance PDF’s HERE.

Welcome to our new website

We are super excited about our new website.  Please take some time and check it out.  It is filled with resources and helpful information.  Please let us know if you have any resources that you do not see on our site.  We would be happy to add them!