Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We either answer the questions ourselves or ask local experts to answer the questions.

My child was just diagnosed what should we do now? Click HERE
Should our family move to Arizona?  Click HERE
We are moving to Arizona, where is the best place to move?  What district is the best district for my child? Click HERE
What school district is the best another perspective?  Click HERE
What is school choice in Arizona?  Click HERE
What is ESA (Empowerment Scholarship)?  Click HERE

ABA Therapy
What is good ABA? Click HERE
What is Steven’s Law? Click HERE
FAQs for Steven’s Law?

ALTCS/Long Term Care/Medicaid
What does ALTCS cover?  Click HERE
Read the Navigating the System Manual
Read the ALTCS Manual
What to do if my child did not get into ALTCS?  Click HERE
Are Wait lists Illegal?  Click HERE

Behavioral Health
How do you get behavioral health Services?  Click HERE
Is ABA therapy covered and how can you get it through DDD and behavioral health?  Click HERE
What is Floortime and is it a covered services?  Click HERE

DSM 4 VS DSM 5?  Click HERE

Division of Developmental Disabilities
How do I apply to DDD?  Click HERE
What does DDD cover?  Click HERE
DDD Services and Settings Medical Policy Manual
What should I do if I did not get accepted to DDD?  Click HERE
DDD uses IEP to deny acceptance into DDD?  Click HERE
What are judges looking for in a DDD Appeal?  Click HERE
How do I get extra therapy hours from DDD?  Click HERE
Can I roll over hab and/or respite hours?  Click HERE
What do I do if DDD has terminated or denied a service?  Click HERE
DDD Grievance and Appeals Brochure
Are waitlists illegal and how do I file a Quality of Care Complaint?  Click HERE
Are Quarterly Reports Important? Click HERE
How do I best prepare for DDD redetermination at age 6 or 18?  Click HERE

Jennifer’s Top Ten Tips! Click HERE
Is there divorce attorneys who specialize in families with special needs kids?  Click HERE

ESY (Extended School Year)
How do you qualify for ESY?  Click HERE
How do you get ESY?  Click HERE

What is EPSDT?  Click HERE

Financial Issues
What financial assets affect DDD/ALTCS and SSI?  Click HERE
What are you required to report?  Click HERE
Does Child Support Count as Income for My Adult Child?  Click HERE
What is an ABLE account and how to open one?  Click HERE
What are special needs Trusts?  Click HERE

Guardianship/Power of Attorney
Why should you consider guardianship?  What should you do if you have a guardianship from another state and recently moved here?  Click HERE
Guardianship and Driving and Voting?  Click HERE
Top Ten Tips on Divorce and Guardianship!  Click HERE
If I do not seek guardianship is there other forms I should consider?  Click HERE
What is a healthcare power of attorney and how can I use it? Click HERE
What is a financial power of attorney or durable power of attorney?  Click HERE
When can I use the power of attorney?  Click HERE

Is homeschooling legal in Arizona and what do I need to do? Click HERE

IEPS/School Issues
What school district is the best?  Click HERE
What is school choice in Arizona?  Click HERE
What is ESA (Empowerment Scholarship)?  Click HERE
What is an IEP?  Click HERE
How do I request an IEP for my child?  Click HERE
What if the district will not accept my child’s medical diagnosis?  Click HERE
What is the difference between an IEP and a 504?  Click HERE
Can the school district suspend my child?  Click HERE
What should I do if my child is a bully?  Click HERE

What if my child is being bullied?  Click HERE
Can a School Resource Officer Interview My Child without Me?  Click HERE
What do I do if my child’s IEP is inaccurate?  Click HERE
What if a school says they can not honor our IEP and asks us to change schools?  Click HERE
Can a district deny my child’s enrollment when I am using open enrollment to place my child? Click HERE
When do I need a lawyer and when do I need an advocate?  Click HERE

What is the difference between self funded policies and fully funded policies?  Click HERE
Do self funded polices have to provide ABA?  Click HERE 

Social Security/Social Security Disability
Should I consider applying to SSI for my child?  Click HERE
What should I know about applying to SSI?  Click HERE
Can I apply early for SSI?  Click HERE
What should I bring down to SSI when I apply? Click HERE
Social Security denied me or my child, do I need a lawyer?  Click HERE
We applied to SSi and want to know how long it will take to hear?  Click HERE
How much does SSI pay?  Click HERE
Who manages my child’s Social Security if I have guardianship? Click HERE
Can my child collect Social Security and have a job? Click HERE
Social Security reduced my child’s income, Why?  Can I charge my child rent?  Click HERE
How does child support affect SSI? Click HERE