Autism in Arizona

Welcome to Autism Society of Greater Phoenix.  We have been helping families one family at a time for over forty years.  We have an Autism 101 meeting that takes place around the valley every month.

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We offer monthly support group meetings and Mom’s Meet Up meetings.  These are run by parents because we believe parents should help parents.

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Learn more about our Mom’s Meet Up meetings click HERE

Unable to attend our meetings but still need information.  Please download our Newly Diagnosed Packet:

Newly Diagnosed – Feb 2016

We also have a Parent Mentor Program.  To get more information please click HERE.  Make sure to also check out our resources page.  It is filled with information about autism.

Are you considering moving to Arizona?

Want to understand the funding in Arizona?

ALTCS is Arizona Long Term Medicaid (, It is funded by Federal Medicaid money with a required State funding match. In AZ traditionally the match has been 66:33, Federal:State but because of the Great Recession and Medicaid expansion the Federal contribution was greater the last several years. All Medicaid money in AZ is administered by the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System aka AHCCCS (

For individuals with developmental disabilities who qualify for services from the AZ Department of Developmental Disabilities aka DDD and qualify for ALTCS, AHCCCS designates DDD as the Managed Care Organization aka MCO ( for those individuals. DDD currently provides them with some services thru the DDD provider network and subcontracts with 3 AHCCCS Acute Care Plans ( for medical services and the appropriate Regional Behavior Health Agency ( for behavior health services.

Beginning in 2018 Medicaid services will be delivered by Integrated Health Plans so there no longer will be separate acute care plans and RBHAs in AZ. For how the DDD/ALTCS MCO plans to implement this change see There also are big changes coming to how Medicaid Home and Community Based Services aka HCBS ( are delivered. The DDD/ALTCS MCO is working on implementing these changes. See the DDD 2016-20 Strategic Plan ( and Strategic Plan Overview (

Top 6 Things To Know or Do:

1.  Apply to Department of Development Disabilities HERE.

   NEW DDD Eligibility Policy- (Spanish) DD-640-S  (English) DD-640

    DDD Chapter 200 on Eligibility chapter-200-eligibility-manual-with-links

2.  Apply to ALTCS the Medicaid funding source for DDD HERE



PAS Tool Information


Self Advocacy Guide for ALTCS-Arizona Center for Disability Law

Arizona Department of Economic Security DDD Policy Manual Eligibility Requirements


3. What does DDD/ALTCS cover?  First, DDD alone only covers support coordination. You MUST qualify both to get services. If you have both please look at the links below:

Services Covered

Care Coordination

Acute Care

To See All The Policy Manuals

4.  Contact your school district special education department.

5.   Attend the Autism 101 class

6.  Find the closest support group meeting.

You may want to also download the Summary of Autism Treatments:


You may want to download our favorite books:

Autism Book List

You may also want to download the Top IEP Tips:

Top 10 IEP Tips (2)

If you need additional help please feel free to call 480-940-1093/

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