Art for Autism

THANK YOU ARTISTS! We just wanted to thank you on behalf of the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix for the art work you submitted for our art contest!  We hope you enjoyed participating in this art competition. We had several wonderful pieces of art submitted and it was a challenge to only choose 5. Thank you for ALL  for participating and supporting us  we strive to provide information, resources and support for this with autism throughout the valley. The Winners Ernesto (Ernie) Morales age 29 Ernesto has been an artist since age three. He has received certificates of completion from both Phoenix College in Media Arts & Digital Animation, as well as the East Valley Institute of Technology in 3D Animation. Ernie continues to draw every day, and hopes to fulfill his dream of working in an animation studio. He…
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Job Services Available Through DDD

DDD has Employment and Pre Employment Services Employment Support Aid: This service provides members with the one to one supports needed for the member to remain in  his/her employment. These supports could include one(1) or more of the following three(3)options: personal care services, behavioral supports, and/or follow along supports needed to maintain stable employment. The actual supports provided will be dependent upon member need; however, it is the Division’s expectation that this service will primarily be used to provide on-the-job follow-along supports for members in competitive employment. To read more click HERE. Group Supported Employment: A service that provides long term, ongoing support services for an employed individual. This group service provides Division members with an on-site supervised work environment in a community employment setting. Members are paid by the Qualified Vendor or employer for work performed in accordance with…
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Are Wait lists Illegal? Learn How to File a Quality of Care Complaint

Are wait lists illegal?  How do you get the services your child needs? What if you are not getting a good service from provider? Watch the video. Here are the steps I would take: Contact your support coordinator and let them know you do not nave a service or the service is substandard. Contact your provider if you are concerned about the service or feel it is substandard.  Let the provider know that you are not happy and give them a chance to resolve the issue. If the provider or support coordinator are unable to resolve your issue in a timely manner make sure to file a quality of care complaint and/or contact DDD Customer Service, AHCCCS: Concerns About the Quality of Care Received-If you have a complaint about a provider or a concern about the quality of care or…
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