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Board of Directors

399828_10151568984062902_1549627823_nPresident:   James B. Adams, Ph.D. is President of the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix.  He is the proud father of an 23-year-old daughter with autism.  He is a professor at Arizona State University, where he directs the ASU Autism/Asperger’s Research Program focused on understanding the biomedical causes of autism and how to treat it.



cynthiaVice President:     Cynthia Macluskie is the mother of a wonderful sixteen year old boy who has recovered from autism. She is actively involved in the autism community. She is the Vice-President of the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix and runs the Phoenix Valley Parent’s Autism Group which holds monthly meetings to provide support and information



Picture 466Treasurer:     Katie Wride received her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education in 1996 from Brigham Young University. She taught second grade in Utah before returning home to the East Valley with her husband to raise their family. She has four children, her oldest son has Autism. Katie has been active in the Autism community for many years. She is currently a Parent Mentor for the Autism Society of America-Greater Phoenix Chapter Board, on the ACT Today board, and co-founded a parent support group called EVAN (East Valley Autism Network). Katie also volunteers each week in each of her children’s classes at school, for the PTSO, at her church, and helps teach in the Cub Scout program for the Boy Scouts of America.

Trisha Folk-DuBois is the proud mother of twins, a boy and a girl.  Her son was diagnosed with Autism in 2009. After a professional dance career Trisha became the Artistic Director of Arizona Dance Theatre for 14 years. She is currently a performing and fine arts teacher as well as presenter and researcher for the National Arts Education of America. Her focus now is on Autism Spectrum Disorder program development with an emphasis on enrichment programs, first responder’s safety projects and arts based, environmental learning for specials needs education.

Catina Hoffman is co-chair of the Autism Society Insurance Committee. She is the mother of 2 young girls, Gabrielle, autistic and Grace. Before moving to Arizona she was on Active Duty for the Air Force. Her husband is still servicing on active duty. Catina has sent over 2 years appealing and securing funding with the state, private and military insurance for coverage of autism/medical treatment for her daughter, Gabrielle. Catina Hoffman has been successful with all three plans and is an expert at the appeals process.

Susan Sunseri has a nine year old child on the spectrum. She currently chairs the Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s Family Advisory Council for the Children’s Neurosciences Institute, and is a board member for the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix. She has personal experience in the fair hearing process for both DDD and AHCCCS. She is an active advocate for the national law center known as EBCALA: the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy. Her special interest is in the federal entitlement for disabled children known as EPSDT: Early and Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment. Susan credits her son’s success to a combination of her decision to homeschool; intensive therapies achieved through the program known in Arizona as Habilitation Masters; specific biomedical treatments that have been helpful; and her son’s augmentative and alternative communication device.


Kerrie Mallory Thompson is an employee of LaserBits, now part of the Rowmark family, where she is the Director of Marketing/Webmaster. She loves her job!

Since February 2012, Kerrie has been writing a blog/Facebook page called “Autism WIll Not Define My Son” which chronicles the crazy autism journey that she and her son are on and everything they deal with on a daily basis, both good and bad. She believes knowledge is power and having the power to spread awareness creates knowledge. Her life with her son is an open book for that reason. Kerrie has also dedicated her time to helping a variety of autism organizations including Autism Society of Greater Phoenix.

In May of 2015, Kerrie along with another autism mom, formed a local Autism Advocacy Organization called “Arizona Autism Network of the West Valley”. Our mission is to assist families in the West Valley seek answers about services, provide networking opportunities, education and resources, as well as organize community events which will allow for a stronger and more knowledgeable autism community. Autism Society of Greater Phoenix is proud to partner with her organization.

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