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Come browse some of the things our organization has accomplished in the last few years.

  • Holds monthly support group meetings
  • Helped pass Steven’s Law
  • Held EPSDT workshop
  • White paper for Arizona Academy of Pediatrics
  • Co-morbid medical conditions documentary
  • Informing every pediatrician in Arizona on the co-morbid conditions of
  • Helped pass legislation that formed the Seclusion and Restraint Task Force
  • Held candlelight vigil on capitol lawn in support of Steven’s Law
  • Holds an annual conference every year
  • Participated In DES Autism work group
  • Worked with PCH on Autism Neuro Institute family council
  • Worked with UMDF to set up grand rounds
  • Part of Arizona Autism Coalition insurance work group
  • Sponsored Zoowalk for Autism every year
  • Sponsored the training for over 200 therapists, teachers, & parents in the Bal-Vis-X program
  • Held quarterly Pump It Up nights
  • Participates in the AMC Sensory Friendly Film